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My name is Richard van den Brand. I live in Rucphen, a small village in the Netherlands. I was born on the 7th of may 1984. So that makes me a 90’s kid. I grew up in a time where technology quickly evolved and it was in 2001 I got connected to the Internet. I’ve been intrigued by the web ever since.

This blog is a collection of things I’ve learned and experienced during my job as software engineer. As you’ve probably noticed I have a strong interest in developing web applications using all the cool tools currently available. For my professional profile I suggest you to take a look at my LinkedIn.

I’m a freelance developer. If you are interested in hiring me, drop me an email at richard@inflame.io.

13 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dag Richard,

    Ik ben op zoek naar een symfony2 php developer voor ons agile team. Grotendeels thuiswerken (of van eigen kantoor) is perfect mogelijk. Heb je interesse om eens af te spreken hiervoor?

  2. Open Source App

    I found your website and noticed that you have a solid technical background. Wanted to pass along an open source project that you might find interesting. Zurmo is a highly sophisticated open source CRM project that is written in PHP utilizing JQuery, Yii, and RedBeanPHP and relies heavily on test driven development.

    Right now, we have 1000+ unit tests running across eight server configurations. It would be incredibly helpful to get your technical feedback and recommendations so that we can improve the application. Take a look and let me know what you think: http://zurmo.org


    1. Hi Ray,

      The project looks pretty awesome! As I don’t have much spare time, I prefer to spend that little spare time I have by committing to the Symfony2 community because that’s what I like most.

      However thank you for the invitation and success with Zurmo!


  3. Hi Richard,

    Found the OpenDDR project you worked on a bit (in git) building the library to use OpenDDR in Symfony2. I was wondering if it would be possible to use that on an application outside of Symfony2 and if so how?

    1. Hi Gareth,

      Unfortunately the OpenDDR php implementation is far from done. Due to the lack of time me and Kristian haven’t worked on it for a long time now, so I’m afraid it won’t be finished in the near future. If it ever will…


  4. Hi Ricbra,

    I followed your instruction on GitHub for installing your php-discogs-api. I used composer as suggested. I got a whole bunch of folders starting with a root of vendor.

    To create a new instance you say use

    If I place this code in a file called test.php in which folder am I supposed to place the file. At present I have it in the parent of vendor but that doesn’t work.

    Probably a trivial question for you. Just learning PHP and web development. I’m porting a .NET program I have the accesses Discogs to a web project, so was super stoked when I came across your code…will save me a lot of leg work.

    Thanks in advance, Des

    1. Hi Des,

      Could you open a Github issue? I would like to see your current code, perhaps you can create a github gist so I can take a look at your code?

  5. Hi. I’m trying to figure out how to use the discogs api v2.0, but I’m completely lost. Basically, I’d like to let users of my website complete a search by artist or song title and the results show up. I signed up at discogs and recieved a consumer key and a consumer secret, however, I don’t know what to do from there. I mainly know javascript but am learning some php. Could you help me out? Thanks.


    1. Hi Luna,

      The OAuth connection is a bit difficult if you’re starting with php. I suggest to first setup a php library for the OAuth part (I’m using the Symfony2 framework with the HWIOAuthBundle) and when that is working continue with the integration of the Discogs API. This one looks pretty mature: https://github.com/Lusitanian/PHPoAuthLib

      Good luck 🙂

      1. Hi Richard and thank you for php-discogs-api !

        I have a really small project and I need to loop a certain Discogs-marketplace listing (not mine) on a website. Titles, price etc is working but for images I need more than my key/secret key.
        Been trying to figure out what this means for 2 days now:

        ‘token’ => $token[‘oauth_token’], // get this using a OAuth library
        ‘token_secret’ => $token[‘oauth_token_secret’] // get this using a OAuth library

        I’m a total n00b (front-front-end) so if you could give me those 2 lines of code (dummy examples of course) that would make my YEAR!

        Best regards / Chris

        1. Hi Chris,

          I was on holiday last week. Could you open a issue on GitHub for extending the docs on this specific topic? I’ll see if I can work out an example of how to do this. It’s more that 2 lines of code I’m afraid 😉


  6. Hey Richard!

    Love your blog and everything you’re doing for the Symfony community. High-five to you 🙂

    I also saw that you started freelancing about 3 months ago. Would love to see if there’s potential to work together with us at X-Team. We’re a global team dedicated to helping each other grow and unleash each person’s potential, all while working on awesome projects.

    Let me know if you’d be interested to learn more!

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